Is it possible for trader to make sustainable profits on small account ?

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Every traders wants to trade Big with a well funded trading capital of at least 20 lakh but very few are able to achieve this feat. Its often said Making the First Million is the most difficult thing once achieved money will flow in your coffers.
Trading small account is very difficult when compared to account having large trading capital, As such when your trading capital is large traders are buffered against mistakes, unexpected losing streaks, and sometimes even bad trades, but small accounts have no such buffer. When trading with large account trader can test n number of trading strategies in live market but small account we have no such luxury.
In Reality 80% of traders trade with small account from 30K-70K which is just enough to cover margin of the derivatives traders is trading into. Most of the brokerage house who deal with retail client have 90% of client which are having capital less than 1 lakh.
Trading with small trading capital requires "Very Very Strict risk management

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