Bulls celebrate Diwali on Dalal Street, FII F&O Analysis

[ Tuesday, October 21 | 0 comments ]
  • FII's bought 10 K contract of Index Future worth 398 cores, 19.1 K Long contract were added by FII's and 9.1 K short contracts  were added  by FII's. Net Open Interest increased  by 28.2 K contract , so FII added long in index futures but started adding shorts also in index futures
  • This is what we discussed in last analysis  Range of 7930-7940 is supply zone as shown in the below gann box once crossed can see impulsive move in nifty. Nifty again stopped @ yellow line of gann box Once 7930 is crossed next target comes @ 7972/8030.
Nifty Gann
Nifty Future October Open Interest..
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SBI,Tata Steel and IB real harmonic trading





Buy above 2572 Tgt..

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FII FnO Data Analysis for 21 Oct

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  • FII's bought 36.5 K contract of Index Future worth 1455 cores, 40.4 K Long contract were added by FII's and 3.9 K short contracts  were added  by FII's. Net Open Interest increased  by 44.3 K contract , so FII added long in index futures.
This is what we discussed in last analysis  yesterday Nifty has taken support @ 100 DMA today, suggesting short term bottom is in place. Nifty has corrected 450 points in this current correction which has lasted for 22 trading days. Shorts needs to be extreme cautious now as the reversal will be fast, we have Diwali and election results coming on Monday so bulls can see a fast and furious come back. Also Dow,European market seems to be making a short term bottom.  Range of ..

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How will Nifty react to economic and political news flow ?

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Last week we gave  Nifty Chopad level of 7883 and Nifty did 2 target of downside rewarding chopad followers by 151 points. Nifty witnessed a volatile week due to wild swings seen in global markets. Tomorrow market will open reacting to both political and economic news. Diesel deregulated, natural gas price hiked and BJP set to form government in both Maharashtra and Haryana and taking Modiji dream of "Congress Mukt Bharat" one step closer. Lets see how to trade market next week. 24 October  is again a trading holiday.

 Nifty Hourly Chart

nifty hourly

Nifty Hourly charts 21/34 EMA have gone flat, trendline support exists @ 7723/30  range, Bulls will get active above ..
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Trading with Clouds

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As if investing was not complicated enough, any mention of ‘technical analysis’ is likely to cause most individual investors to roll their eyes and ask “What now?” Fear not. You’re set to learn one of the easiest and yet most powerful approaches to market analysis that may help improve your investing and maybe even give you peace of mind.
Technical Analysis (TA), for those unfamiliar with the term, is an approach to market analysis that focuses on price movements. Well-intentioned people can reasonably debate about what the proper value of a share of Google or Coca Cola should be, or what the right value of gold is.
One issue they can’t dispute is what the price of Google, Coke, or gold is now or what it’s been in the past. That’s where technical analysis comes in. Technical Analysis takes the subjectivity (and emotion) out of the picture and zeroes in on the one component of an investment that we can all see: the price.
There are literally hundreds of different approaches to technical analysis, with thousands of books and articles having been written about them. The approach we introduce below is known as Ichimoku, a form of a moving average system. Ichimoku (ee-Chee-Mo-koo) charts offer a powerful tool for investors to identify overall market trends and pinpoint key levels of support and resistance that are unlikely to be revealed by other forms of technical analysis.
Don’t be scared off by the name—that’s where the simplicity comes in. Developed...

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