Nifty Weekly Forecast for Sep Expiry

[ Sunday, September 24 | 0 comments ]
Last Week we gave Chopad Levels  of 10092,  Nifty opened above the chopad level, Hence chopad followers were unable to take trade till Wednesday. On  Thursday Both Short and Long Triggered got Stop out and than patience and Discipline of Chopad Followers paid of on Friday with Nifty High of 10095 and did 2 target on downside as crucial trend change date of 23 Sep showed its effect, So overall good week for chopad followers.  Lets see How to trade Nifty in coming week as we approach the trade set up with confluence of time cycle coming in 25-26 Sep.

Nifty Harmonic

As discussed in last analysis Nifty was able to cross and close above the PRZ zone of 10030-40, till we are holding that we can see fast move towards 10150/10236/10416.
10150 done but once the PRZ zone was broken

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Bank Nifty does Price Time Squaring and gave big move

[ Saturday, September 23 | 0 comments ]
As discussed in Last Analysis   Bank Nifty gave the big move as we were expecting near turn date and also made low of 24706 near our target of 24700 and bounced back as its was gann angle support, Now Bulls need to move above 24800 for a move towards 24994/25198. Bearish below 24700 for a move towards 24480/24250. 23 Sep is an important time cycle date,effect will be seen either tomorrow or Monday.  Its a Deja Vu  trade in bank nifty today everything was so perfect High made was 24709 as soon Bank Nifty was below 24700 big fall started towards 24480, When both time and price meet big move happens, another good example we saw today, 23 Sep effect  was seen today as we closed below our Divine Number of 24480 which has give very good trades in last 2 months, so till we are trading below 24480 we can see fall towards 24151/23963. Bullish above 24510 for a move towards 24800.  “Giving” it the way Karna does…

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Nifty ready for big move,EOD Analysis

[ Wednesday, September 20 | 0 comments ]
  • FII's sold 5 K contract of Index Future worth 469 cores ,2.6 K Long contract were added by FII's and 8.1 K Short contracts were added by FII's. Net Open Interest increased  by 10.7 K contract, so fall in market was used by FII's to enter long and enter short in  Index futures. FII's Long to Short Ratio at 1.14. Unlock your Trading Success
  • As discussed in last analysis   Another failed attempt to close above 10171, but still able to hold 10100 level. Day of consolidation after new high, not change in structure of market as we are holding the gann angle as shown in below chart. Another failed attempt to cross 10171

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Bank Nifty ready for big move,EOD Analysis

As discussed in Last Analysis   Till 25000 is held bulls have upperhand and can push nifty towards 25281/25532. Bearish below 24940 for a move towards 24700/24480 . Low made today was 24938 so bulls again protected 24940 but failed to close above 25000, so we closed in neutral zone before the outcome of Fed policy also as seen in below chart we closed at the trend change date so expect a good move in bank nifty in coming 2 trading sessions. Bullish above 25050 for a move towards 25281/25532. Bearish below 24900 for a move towards 24700/24480. Unlock your Trading Success

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Unlock your Trading Success

 If you want to be a consistent profitable trader  in the long run there are THREE elements of trading that you must have in place.These THREE elements which we will discuss are like 3 chairs of stool if you do not follow anyone of them you are bound to fail.
  • A Robust Backtestested and Trusted trading System
You must trade a WINNING trading method: Your trading system must be valid and profitable through past markets. The best way to win in the markets is to have a method that identifies potential trends and gives you entries and exits that put the probabilities on your side for winning trades. Many times these systems will have huge winners that pay for all the small losses and make you profitable. Find your edge and learn how to make it a profitable one. If you have no edge and no winning system your trading

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