Bank Nifty cracks below gann angle,EOD Analysis

Monday, November 21 Leave a Comment

As discussed in last analysis  Next Week will be very interesting as we can see move of 400-600 points in 1-2 days as price do not stay near gann angles for long. Bulls will become active above 19000 for a move till 19220/19450. Bears are already active below 19000 and can push nifty towards 18750/18600 till trading below 19000. We expected a 400-600 point fall,and we got today and bank nifty moved from 1 gann angle to another gann angle as seen in below chart. Now range of 18300-18250 is important as its gann number and also gann angle so holding this we can see relief rally till 18625/18800. Bearish below 18250 for a move towards 18000/17800  The Success Story Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

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