Traders should -Specialize or Diversify

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The greatest number of losing traders is found in the short-term and intraday ranks.  This has less to do with the time frame and more to do with the fact that many of these traders lack proper preparation and a well thought-out game plan.  By trading in the time frame most unforgiving of even minute error and most vulnerable to floor manipulation and general costs of trading, losses due to lack of knowledge and lack of preparedness are exponential.  These traders are often undercapitalized as well.  Winning traders often trade in mid-term to long-term time frames.  Often they carry greater initial levels of equity as well.” Walter Downs
During my trading Seminars many traders asked me " Is it better to diversify and trade many instruments or specialize and trade just a few."
Let me try to give the answer to the question
I am in the later camp, as it takes all my usable mind capacity

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