Will Bank Nifty Bulls do Weekly close above 20300,EOD Analysis

Thursday, November 10 Leave a Comment

  • As discussed in last analysis Bulls need a close above 19600 for a move towards 19732/19900/20200. Bears will get active below 19350 for a fast move towards 19252/19000. Gann Support gave such a big rally of 2140 point in matter of 2 trading days.  Bank Nifty opened gap up above 19787 and fired up as we discussed. High made was 20283 near our target of 20200. Now Bulls need to close above 20300 for a move above 20500/20907. Bears will get active below 20000 for a target of 19732.  Bulls need a weekly close above 20300 as shown in below gann angle chart for a move towards life high.  
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