Bank Nifty continue to close above 18200,EOD Analysis

Wednesday, December 7 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis Bank Nifty continue to trade near the gann angle and in range of 18200-18700, this range should get broken once the RBI Credit Policy will be declared on 07 Dec. Traders should watch for break of 18700 on upside for a target of 19000/19300. Bears will get active below 18150 for a move towards 17800/17750. In Between choppy move will continue in range of 18200-18700.  Bank Nifty broke 18150 but quickly recovered and again closed above 18200 and gann angle suggesting still the range was not broken. Till we are trading in range of 18200-18700 Buy support and Sell resistance is the best strategy.   How Comfortable you are with your trading ?
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