Trading Lesson Learnt From my Trading Guru Part-III

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In Continuation with the previous 2 articles
Trading Lesson Learnt From my Trading Guru
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 “Have the courage to trade in big quantity ”
He meant the willingness to carry a very, very large position when you have a high degree of conviction and the risk/reward makes sense.
This is actually the flip side of  My Guru's last pearl of wisdom- when there’s nothing to do, do nothing. But when there’s something worth doing, then do it in size.
Geroge Soros frequently talks about this, because it’s a common trait of all great traders. In order to be a big winner, you have to be very, very large in the positions that have the best risk/reward. Considering that most traders make their year on two or three big trades, then you have to pile in when you see an opportunity.
The key question is: how do you judge

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