Bank Nifty breaks gann resistance zone,EOD Analysis

Monday, January 16 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis  Range was 18966-19067 is very important zone of resistance. Unable to cross the same correction can be seen till 18500. Fresh longs should be taken only on close above 19100 only. In between the trade of 19067-18500 Buy Low Sell higher with strict SL  Close today was just below 19100 but above 19067 which is a very good sign for bulls. Any close above 19100 can see fast move towards 19400. Strong support in range of 19700-19740. Short term correction till 18800-18700 can be seen once we start trading below 18966. Gann Positive cycle continue to show its positive effect as we are now up almost 859 points from the low of 10 Jan   Do not Strike when Angry
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