Trading Stocks with Camarilla Pivot Points

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In Continuation with previous Article Introduction to Camarilla Pivot Points
How to trade using Camarilla Pivot Points
As we have discussed How to generate Camarilla Pivot points now let’s discuss how can we trade using them.

  1. Price Opens at/Between Support 3 and Resitance3: When the Price Opens between S3(Support 3) and R3 (Resistance 3)we will use the following Rule to take trades
  • For Long/Buy Trades: Let the price move till S3,once it reaches S3 take long trade with Stop loss placed below S4 Target for trades are R1,R2 and R3.
  • For Short/Sell Trades: Let the price move till R3,Once it reaches R3 take short trade with Stop Loss placed above R4 Target for Trades are S1,S2 and S3.
Lets take one for Example of S&P 500

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