Are You Addicted To Trading?

Friday, February 24 Leave a Comment

In July of 2009, 64 year old Martin Hickman lost 200,000 British pounds (approximately $333,000) in a single day trading on the London Stock Exchange (the FTSE).
Hickman told The Telegraph (U.K), “I was going to be a househusband, take care of the dogs and do a little trading on the side. Then things escalated and I was hooked. I switch the computer on straightaway my alarm goes off at 6:30 AM and it stays on well until after midnight. I bore my wife silly, but she understands.”
Hickman’s story is only one of what appear to be never-ending examples of traders who continue to trade despite mounting losses. They manifest some kind of quasi-delusional confidence that they will hit what is called “The Big Fish Trade,” and win back everything they lost and more. They appear to be spellbound and mesmerized by the flickering ticks

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