Trading Common Sense which is not so Common

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  • You are not trading, you are fooling yourself
Although 70% of all traders quit within 2 years, 30% don’t give up on their dreams of living from their trading performance, whereas only 1% of all traders can trade profitably at all. These statistics tell us that there are thousands and thousands of ‘traders’ losing money on a consistent basis, even after trading for years.
Be honest to yourself and think about how long you’ve been in the trading business now, trying to find ways to make money. Do you still lose consistently after years of trading? Do you know that you should have a trading journal, a trading plan and analyze past trades, stop hopping from system to system, but you just don’t do it?
Don’t lie to yourself because no one cares anyway, and you are the only one who knows that you are just pretending to be onto something, chasing some kind of dream without really being committed.
Do you listen to random people Social media and be

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