Bank Nifty break the gann angle with gap down,EOD Analysis

Wednesday, March 22 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis  Big move can be seen in next 2 days as per time cycle. Bank Nifty broke 21000 today made low of of 20967 but closed above 21000 thus whipsawing traders who took short trades. Close is above 21000 and also near gann angles suggesting big move round the corner. Longs can be taken near 21000 for a move till 21120/21220. Breakout only  on close above 21300. Bearish below 20950 for a move till 20850. Range of 20850-20880 is important demand zone once 21000 is broken. Bank Nifty gave the big move we were expecting as per time cycle but it happened in gap down most of the trades missed the move. Now Bulls should keep eye on 20870 levels, above it only we can see move towards 21000/21200. Bearish below
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