Nifty moves from 1 Gann Angle to another,EOD Analysis

Monday, March 27 Leave a Comment

As discussed in last analysis   Now bulls need close above 9130 for a move towards 9174/9216. Bearish below 9070 for a move towards 9020/8968. Nifty as soon as broke 9070 move down and did the target of 9020 low made was 9024. This is how we can capture a small move as price move for 1 gann angle to anther. Now again if we held on to 9030-9035 range we can again see move towards 9070-9115. Range expansion can be seen only on close above 9130 for a move towards 9216 and Bearish on close below 8992 for a move towards 8920.   Bank Nifty continue to hold 21050,EOD Analysis

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