Bank Nifty continue to trade below gann angle,EOD Analysis

Thursday, April 20 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis Bank Nifty opened above 21600 but as soon as 21600 was broken in 1 hour of trading fall started and low made was 21470 near our target of 21480. Till be trade below 21600 we can see a move towards 21350 which is important level both as per gann price theory and gann angles. Bullish above 21700 for a move towards 21900/22111.  High made today was 21558 so bulls were not able to break 21600 and bears continue to made lower low near 21396 near our target of 21350. Bullish only above 21600 for a move till 21750/21900. Below 21350 if we break we can see fast move towards 21150/21000.

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