Bank Nifty forms NR7 Pattern,EOD Analysis

Tuesday, June 20 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis    As we discussed 17 June is important trend change day so low made on Friday is important ie.23391 holding the same we can continue to move higher towards our target.  So we saw the effect of  Geometric time cycle with Bank Nifty up by 250 points and in process doing our 1 target of 23760, Now bulls should hold for 23500 for further move towards 23960/24144. Bearish below 23400 for a move towards 23300/23150/23000.  Low made was 23651 and high made was 23760 so bank nifty traded in small range and protected 23500 and also formed NR7 pattern, Also we are approaching crucial time cycle day for bank nifty on 21-22 June so traders should be ready for good move in bank nifty in next 2-3 days. Bullish above 23760 for a move towards 23904/24048/24144. Bearish below 23616 for a move towards 23474/23328/23150.   What Stock Trader can Learn from Doctor

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