Bank Nifty does 24000 holding gann angle,EOD Analysis

Monday, July 17 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis   Bank Nifty did a new life high above our breakout level of 23540 cool move of 400 points captured in 2 days based on time cycle ,now till we are holding 23716 we are heading towards 24025/24336. Bearish below 23700 for a move towards 23400/23100. Bank Nifty finally did our target of 24025 and closed above 24000, its was a fun ride in this current bull market with price and time analysis presented here hope readers were benefited and were able to mint some money. Till 23760 is held bulls can continue to move ahead and can take bank nifty towards 24120/24270/24389/24480, 24477-24480 is major resistance for bank nifty,  Bearish below 23700 for a move towards 23400/23100.Many traders want to short market as it has gone up significantly, but let the market show some sign of weakness else going against the trend can lead to big losses.  Important Points for Trading Success

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