Bank Nifty continue to trade below gann arc,EOD Analysis

Thursday, November 3 Leave a Comment

 As discussed in Last analysis  Bank Nifty closed below 19500 yesterday and did the target of 19300 also in gap down as bank nifty was not able to close above gann angle, now the range of 19100-19113 is very important holding the same  and moving above 19252 can see move till 19543.  Close below 19000 can see fast move till 18850. Low mad today was 19119 so bulls were able to protect 19100-19113 range but were unable to close above 19252, Bulls need a close above 19252 for a move towards 19500/19750,Bear need close below 19100 for move towards 19000/18850.  Traders should -Specialize or Diversify

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