Bank Nifty bounces 300 points from gann support,EOD Analysis

Tuesday, January 24 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis  Bank Nifty did 18740 today but sill did not closed above 18967, bulls need close above 18967 for a move towards 19100/19500. Bears below 18740 for a move towards 18500. Few readers were asking importance of 18740 below is the gann angle chart with support at 18740 which worked perfectly as bank nifty now has bounced 300 points in 2 days from that support levels, We moved above 18967 today and mostly we will do 19100 tommrow high made today was 19054, Now bulls need close above 19100 for a move towards 19250/19500. Bearish only on close below 19740.   A Person who won’t stand for something will fall for anything..
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