Bank Nifty hit life highs holding 20000,EOD Analysis

Sunday, February 19 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis   Its been 9 trading days we are stuck in gann arc, Plan remains the same long above 20350 for a move till 20500/20750. Bearish below 20000 for a move till 19794/19500.  Bank Nifty opened gap up  and hit the life time high but as it opened open 20500 so  trades who were waiting for break of 20350 missed the gap up but as did not break 20000 so most of readers were not short and protected there capital, Money saved is money earned. Now as we closed above 20500 we can see another move towards 20750/21000. Bearish below 20350  for a move towards 20150/20000. As seen in below Gann Angles chart the whole move from the low of  17600 till 21000 was captured, Thats beauty of gann keeps you ahead of the curve . Recency Bias and Its Influence in Trading

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