Regret in Trading

Monday, February 27 Leave a Comment

  • I wish I would have Exited the Trade When the First Signal to Exit Arose
One of the difficulties of trading is that there are multiple forces at battle in any one moment. Many traders who are buying are able to see why a trade should continue going up even though a major trend line has broken. Traders who are short on the other hand likely see a similar number of reasons why the trend should continue down. Either way, it may be helpful to try and see the trade from the other side's perspective to neutralize your view so you don't stubbornly hold on to a losing trade.
  • I wish I would have waited for the set-up to materialize before chasing that move
You’ll often hear that traders are tossed back and forth between two emotions. Unfortunately, I think that it is more like one emotion with two heads. That one emotion is fear and tr

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