Bank Nifty does 21264 holding 21050,EOD Analysis

Tuesday, March 28 Leave a Comment

  • As discussed in Last Analysis   Bulls needs to hold now 21050 for the move towards the life high of 21336. Bearish below 21000 for a move towards 20850 Low made today was 20979 and closed just above 21050 suggesting bulls are still in the game and holding 21050 we can see move towards 21177/21246/21320. Bearish below 20960 for a move towards 20900/20820. Bank Nifty closed above 21050 and today did the target 21246 High made was 21264. Bulls needs to continue to hold 21150 for a move towards 21336/21400. Bears need close below 21000 for a move towards 20870.  Golden Mantra: 1 percent improvements in your life
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