Bank Nifty continue to face resistance at 22380,EOD Analysis

Sunday, April 30 Leave a Comment

As discussed in Last Analysis  High made today was 22380 near our target of 22374. So Bank Nifty continue with its uptrend, Now bulls need close above 22380 for a quick move towards 22547  and 22800. Support is in range of 21950-22000 below which we can see quick fall towards 21800/21500. Any close above 22400 will be bullish for next move towards 22800/23200 with minor resistance at 22547. High made today was 22383 so bank nifty facing lot of challenge in crossing our level of 22380, once bulls are able to cross 22383 we can see quick move towards 22547/22559. Range of 22547/22559 is very very crucial range if not crossed we can see the much expected correction. Bullish above 22380 for a move towards 22547/22559,
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