How to survive as a full time trader

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There is nothing simple or painless about trading for a living.Its a competitive world out there. You have to compete with FII's,DII's, HNI's , Operators, defeat other gladiators, and not get yourself killed in the process. How much should be your Stock Trading Capital
Here are a few ways to become a better trader and overcome your opponents.
  • Face reality- Spend time analyzing what you do and do not have control over. Only then can you focus on the things you can personally affect.
You control your parameters for entries, exits, and position sizing, but you can’t control where the market moves, or the path it takes getting to your targeted price level.
You can’t control the sequence of your wins and losses, but you can control the size of your losses, and the time you spend being right or wrong in a trade.
Internal Audit- Take a hard look at yourself
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