Trading Sins

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Being a Greedy and Carefree

Most traders are no different from gamblers at the casino; they are all just chasing the ‘big win’. It’s an addictive game that gets in your blood and doesn’t get out until you  blow off your trading account multiple or more  times.
Stop chasing the big winner on every trade because more than likely it’s not coming. Just like Cricket focus should be on sustainability not on hitting 4's and 6's on each and every ball. The longer you keep chasing the elusive ‘big winner’ on every trade, the longer you are going to continue to not take profits when they are staring you in the face, and the longer you are going to remain in your cycle of losing, breaking even, and taking tiny gains as the market comes crashing back against you. So, start being realistic and serious in your trades.

Not Sticking to Single trading methods

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