Titan CECS India Cement Darvas Box Analysis

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  • FII's sold 2.4 K contract of Index Future worth 156 cores , 2.5 K Long contract were liquidated by FII's and 33 short contracts were liquidated by FII's. Net Open Interest decreased  by 2.5 K contract, so fall in market was used by FII's to exit long and exit short in  Index futures. The Role of Regret in Trading
As discussed in last analysis  High made was 8982 near the gann angle resistance level, as we have been discussing in process doing our target of 8982 above 8910. Bulls should protect the level of 8847 now for the current trend to continue. Fresh long above 8990 for move towards 9060/9120. Bearish only below 8840 for a move towards 8757/8700/8672 Nifty made high of 8951 and low of 8888 so bulls

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